Things to know about before going on a fishing trip in Dubai






    As Dubai is located near the sea. It has a long history and tradition of fishing. Which is also booming even nowadays. Many people love to go fishing. Or try it for fun. If you’re looking for an activity to do in Dubai. Give fishing a try. Fishing in Dubai is way more advanced and safer. They sail their ships according to the weather conditions. You can enjoy a quality time with you family or friends on the boat. Apart from fishing you can enjoy the beautiful sight of sea.

    Things to know about fishing in Dubai:

    If you’re a resident and wanted to do fishing by yourself you would need a license. And for tourist there is no need for that. As they would be with the guide. For fishing, it’s highly recommended contacting a trustable charter company. As they’ll provide the boat in best condition. And they’ll also assign a licensed Fisherman with you. You don’t have to bring your own fishing equipment’s. As the charter company will provide you will the best ones. You can book boats with different sizes according the people. They can provide boats whether you’re 2 people or 10.

    Fishes is best in winter season. As you don’t have to go to deep because fish’s swims toward the surface in October to May. You can catch tuna, king mackerel and king fish in winters. In Summers, you have to go for deep sea fishing. So, it’s recommended to start your trip with sun rise, so you can come back before dark. While fishing follows the guides provided by charter company strictly. It’s better not to take people with sea sickness for the fishing.


    In Dubai you’ll never get bored. As Dubai have many activities to enjoy.  Plan your upcoming weekend for fishing. If you’ve never tried fishing go for fishing in Dubai. Fishing trips in Dubai organized by charter companies are quite safe and pleasant. You don’t have to do all the thing by yourself. An expert fisherman will be with you to guide you in fishing.

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