Things you can do in Jumeirah beach residence






    Jumeirah beach residence (JBR) is a sea facing residence with many attractions. It’s very popular among tourist and residents. It has okay grounds for kids. Yoga and spa center for adults with the stunning view of sea. You can also visit the best restaurants jbr. You’ll get to enjoy delicious middle eastern food. There are also many restaurants’ servings different cuisines. It’s one of the well-known destinations in Dubai for a get together or s trip in free days.

    Things to do in JBR:

    As many people says seaside is the best therapy. After hectic days you can sit on the beach enjoying the warm and comforting sea breeze. With the soothing voice of seashores and mesmerizing sight of deep blue water. You can beat the heat with the seawater. There are also many sea activities you can do. Like you can try a banana ride and other water sports. You can also enjoy a camel ride on the beach. Or you can volleyball and tennis on the beach.

    Restaurants in JBR are a must-try. You can find many restaurants serving the best dishes. You can enjoy the breakfast from a famous café. There are many restaurants serving foods of different ethnicities. You can enjoy Indian, Italian, Japanese etc. Many cuisines whichever you’re craving for. After a playful day you can also visit cinema in JBR. Just sit, relax and watch the movie with the best system. There is also playground for children, so they can enjoy on swings. There is also an outdoor fitness hall, so you can enjoy exercising with the beautiful sight of sea. Last but not least there are also yachts and cruises. You can ride one to enjoy the sea. You can also go swimming or diving.

    Lastly;JBR is a place with great entertainment. You can enjoy different things at one location. Jumeirah beach residence beach provide entertainment to children and young people both. You can go on a camel ride or play with water. Food from the best restaurant jbr is also the highlight to jbr trip.

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